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Got Land? "Advice is Free"

At 3TAAB we believe that it is our responsibility to educate and empower our clients with the relevant knowledge needed to help them make more informed decisions that relate to the Land Management issues confronting them.

Here we share information about land management in Barbados and give our readers some simple tips and tricks that can help them with their land issues.

Barbados Tenantry Freehold Purchase Act.

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

The Barbados tenantries freehold purchase act was established in November 1980 providing the opportunity for tenants of plantation tenantries the right to purchase the land that they occupied. The purchase price for the land is governed by public policy and the Constitution.

If you want to learn more about land surveying and management in Barbados, give us a call.
And Remember, If You Got Land Issues, Advice is Free!

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